4 Easy Steps To Bring Your Residential Pavement Up To The Mark

4 Easy Steps To Bring Your Residential Pavement Up To The Mark

Homeowners take pride in their newly paved asphalt driveway. Asphalt paving adds an essence of beauty to your house and also boosts the property value. However, the value and durability of your pavement depend on proper maintenance and care.

This blog post will highlight four ways to keep your residential pavement in great shape.

1. Sealcoating

New asphalt pavement looks lustrous and shiny, but regular wear and tear, weather damage, and dirt and debris can fade or damage the surface over time. 

You can prevent such deterioration by having asphalt sealcoating performed, which is a cost-effective way to give the pavement a clean and new look. The asphalt emulsion sealcoat protects the asphalt surface from water, oxidation, sunlight, snow, and traffic wear and tear. To ensure lasting results, you need to follow up with sealcoating every 2 to 3 years. 

D&J Site Construction LLC in Rio Grande Valley, TX, is an expert sealcoating company. We can help you maintain your asphalt pavement.

2. Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is an effective way to fix cracks on asphalt pavement. If a pavement surface displays a lot of cracks it is either indicative of frequent damage to the surface or deterioration of the base. 

Cracks ruin the appearance of your pavement and create an uneven surface for walking or driving. Furthermore, cracks lead to water penetration and oxidation, which further deteriorate the pavement. 

During winters, water seeping through the cracks, causes the asphalt to expand and contract, leading to more cracking. This problem can be fixed by using crack filler to seal the cracks after routing them. The sealants also prevent water penetration in the foundation. 

3. Patching

Your asphalt pavement is also at risk of developing potholes. This occurs when the surface is weakened; patching asphalt driveway is sufficient to fix the potholes and restore the surface. You should not ignore potholes, as they can also damage your vehicle when you drive over them. Also, after rainfall potholes accumulate water, leading to draining issues and water damage to your pavement.

4. Overlay

Finally, as the years pass, you may require an asphalt overlay to repair the surface-level damage. An overlay involves removing the top layer of the pavement and adding fresh asphalt mix. It provides additional strength, smoothness, and curb appeal to the pavement. It also improves drainage on your asphalt pavement. 

These are the four ways to maintain the strength of your pavement and also increase its lifespan. Proper maintenance will help you enjoy the full-service life of your pavement, and you’ll be able to put off repaving for as long as possible. 

These four methods prove effective when the damage is restricted to the surface, while the base is still intact. If there is significant damage to the base, the pavement will have to be removed and then replaced after fixing the underlying damage. 

Regardless of the condition of your residential asphalt pavement, you can always count on D&J Site Construction LLC in Rio Grande Valley, TX, for providing premium maintenance for your pavement. 

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