4 Reasons To Ensure Proper Land Drainage In Your Site Preparation Plan

4 Reasons To Ensure Proper Land Drainage In Your Site Preparation Plan

Site preparation is a crucial part of outdoor construction. Construction work cannot begin without the appropriate site preparation, and ensuring a proper drainage system is an integral part of this process. It’s where your plans start with a sound foundation before you even break ground!

The importance of site drainage can’t be understated – it not only affects how water flows through the site but also impacts your site’s safety and long-term viability.

This blog post will cover four reasons why you must account for drainage in your site preparation plan for a successful construction project!

1. Land Drainage Ensures Site Safety

Land drainage is not just about site development. In many ways, land drainage can help to improve site safety by keeping excess water from accumulating in the wrong areas of your site and reducing the risk for slip-and-fall accidents.

Productivity will naturally increase when crew members know it’s safe to move around the site without slipping in puddles or potholes. In addition, proper drainage will help prevent site safety violations that can lead to fines or legal issues down the road, such as tripping hazards and slip-and-fall accidents.

2. Land Drainage Affects Site Aesthetics & Maintenance

Land drainage can help to improve site aesthetics and reduce your need for ongoing site maintenance by reducing the likelihood of standing water accumulation in low-lying areas.

If your site is flooded with excess water regularly, it can become an eyesore for people passing by. You will also have to deal with site restoration, which can become a costly process, such as repairs or replacement of asphalt & concrete paving

3. Land Drainage Helps Control Water Runoff

Water runoff can be a problem on any site. If there is too much water, the site will become muddy and hard to walk on without slipping.

Land drainage helps keep control the flow of excess water, preventing it from running off the site. It allows for better site access, which also helps with construction safety.

4. Land Drainage Can Improve Site Development & Growth Opportunities

Efficient land drainage can help to improve site growth opportunities by allowing the site to facilitate better landscaping, structure erection, and installing utilities that might otherwise be difficult or even impossible with poor site drainage.

In addition, well-draining sites are less likely to attract restrictions on various on-site activities, making it far easier to develop a site.

The Final Word

A proper site plan is crucial for successful commercial development projects. If your site plan does not account for efficient drainage, then look into making some changes right away before starting site work.

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