5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Parking Lot Signs

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Parking Lot Signs

Parking lot signs are a necessity for any parking lot. They provide information to drivers and parking attendants about parking regulations. Without parking lot signs, parking lots would be chaotic! But as time goes on, these signs can become outdated and need to be replaced with newer versions.

Here are five signs that indicate you might need to replace your parking lot signs.

1. The Signs are Faded or Peeled Off

If parking lot signs are faded or have peeled off, you may need to replace them. You want your parking lot signs to be visible and readable so that drivers won’t have trouble finding a parking place where they can park with ease. Also, it is difficult to understand parking regulations and rules on an old peeled off sign.

2. The Sign has Incorrect or Incomplete Information

A parking sign is the first thing drivers see when they enter a lot, so make sure it looks good with clear information on what parking rules are in place. If parking signs are incorrect or have incomplete information, it can lead to many problems – including car accidents and tows. Therefore, it’s always important to double-check your parking signs before installation!

3. Parking Signage Doesn’t Reflect Current Needs

While parking lot signs are often overlooked, they can make or break the parking experience. If you have parking space signage that doesn’t reflect the current needs of your business, it’s time to upgrade!

This includes parking lot signs that show parking rates and parking restrictions, such as the height of a vehicle or time limits.

4. The Signage is Outdated 

Your parking lot signage may be outdated if it doesn’t match the current parking laws in your city. For example, some states have passed legislation that requires parking signs to include ADA-compliant features like a wheelchair ramp symbol and supplemental text such as “Handicapped Parking Only.”

So, if you are offering ADA-compliant parking spaces, but the parking signs in your parking lot are not compliant, then you need to replace them.

5. Your Parking Lot Doesn’t Look Professional Enough for Potential Customers

Your parking lot is the first impression of your business for customers. If you don’t want to scare them away, it’s best to invest in high-quality parking signs and graphics that look professional and welcoming at all times.

If you have outdated or dirty parking lot signs, potential customers might think your parking facility is in disrepair, and they might not want to stop by there.

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