Clean Up The Wasteland: A Complete Guide to Brush Clearing

Clean Up The Wasteland: A Complete Guide to Brush Clearing

Have you moved into your new home and the garden is abandoned? Or is the land that you have just acquired/loaned is a wasteland that you need to clean up before you could install the foundation of your home or garden?

Well, whatever the reasons may be, brush clearing your property can help you clean the area and get rid of overgrown land. While it is more than trimming and mowing, you may need to seek an expert’s help to clear the brush instantly. 

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By following the seven simple steps, you can double-up your chances of getting done with the brush clearing task in no time.

Getting Ready to Clear Brush

1. Inspect the Land

Just like you won’t build a house without a blueprint, clearing the overgrown land before any construction work should be no different. For this, you don’t need to walk through the whole area to determine the best way to clear it.

Identify trees that you want to cut and mark the overgrown land. Moreover, spot any areas that appear swampy or rocky terrain to prevent further overgrowth.

2. Plan for Brush Disposal

Since you need to clean the entire area, your weekly trash collector might not dispose of the waste. Therefore, it is better to consider some alternatives before you start your construction project.

Here, a dumpster rental can help dispose of all the dirt, limbs, brush, and shrubs from the overgrown yard.

3. Gather Your Tools

One thing that you must keep in mind when planning for brush clearing is the tools. There are plenty of tools available that can help you with the clearing process.

You can either choose from chainsaw, tree pruner, shovel to rake, and stump grinder when it comes to brush clearing power or hand tools. Otherwise, gloves, helmet, eye protection mask, and trash bags are also essential to prevent safety hazards. 

How to Clear Brush and Undergrowth

4. Cut Down the Trees

Now is the time to cut down all the marked trees and clear the area with overgrown land.

If you think removing trees, either big or small is out of your capacity, ensure hiring relevant services to get done with the job professionally.

5. Remove Shrubs

Next, move forward to all mid-to-large sized shrubs. While some can be easily removed by hand, others require particular tools and machinery to cut them from the roots.

For instance, you can trim out the shrubs with a tree pruner and use a shovel to get the roots and stumps out. However, ensure wearing the safety gears at all times to prevent any self-harm.

6. Clear Out the Undergrowth

Tall grass, small shrubbery, vines, and weeds may take some time to clear out. Know that these are a few of the thick things you will find in the overgrown land that might harm you if not properly cared for.

Safety Tip: Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants to protect your body from such plants that can cut through your skin.

7. Dispose of Debris

Finally, the end is near. This is the time to grab your rake and finish clearing the brush. Since all the brush has been trimmed by now, you can do it in any way you want.

Don’t forget to dispose of all the brush once you are done clearing. Or you can hire D&J Site Construction to provide brush clearing service in Rio Grande Valley, Texas at economical rates.

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