Common Pond Problems And Their Solutions

Common Pond Problems And Their Solutions

Ponds are constructed to beautify one’s house and create a spot where people can relax and enjoy nature, away from their lives’ hectic routine. Like all living organisms, the different kinds of plants and fishes found in ponds also require maintenance and upkeep to prevent them from damaging.

Owning a pond should feel like kicking back at the end of the day, with your feet up on the garden chair and a glass of chilled lemonade next to you while you hear the sweet sound of chirping birds and waterfall.

However, some typical pond construction and maintenances problems need to be kept in mind before moving forward with the plan. Worry not, as D&J Site Construction provides experts’ services regarding all pond queries anywhere in Rio Grande Valley, TX. Click here to contact us today!

In today’s blog, we will discuss the fundamental pond problems that many individuals face and what their solutions can be.

1. Correct Designing

It is essential that before the construction of the pond, the design element should be environment-friendly and budget approved. While there is no need to splurge over the top on a pond, cutting back on a few dollars can cost you a fortune in repairs in the long.

On the other hand, quality tools used in the pond construction like skimmer, biofilter, a heavy underlayment, gravel, and a practical design will only further add to the beauty in and around the pond.

2. Water Leakage

While many people don’t believe this, but pond owners often complain of pond leakage. Several factors lead to the issue, such as high humidity and hot weather can cause evaporation, falling leaves, and waste can line up and cause a blockage of debris.

3. Cleanliness Of Water

There are different kinds of water plants that grow inside the pond, like algae and muck, which becomes the reason of green water in pond.

The most straightforward way around this problem is to install quality filters and weekly cleaning of the water from the falling leaves and waste.

4. Pond Pump

Pumps installed in the pump have to be operating 24 hours to feed the bacteria that keep the pond clean. While this can cause an increase energy costs, so the solution is to consider energy-less pond, but that means self-cleaning of the pond every alternate day.

5. Managing The Fish

The sign of a clean and thriving pond is the fish population in it. Dying fish in any pond indicates the need for a serious cleanup. While it is not easy to locate the issue that may be killing the fish, one of the few reasons can be decreased oxygen due to the buildup of algae and muck, not feeding the fish the required food, and less maintenance.

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