D&J Survival Essentials: Preparing To Outsmart The Tempest

D&J Survival Essentials: Preparing To Outsmart The Tempest

Louisiana continues to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida, as are all the northeastern states after being hit by tornadoes & floods and left with casualties in Ida’s wake. In 2017, Texas and Louisiana were severely hit by Hurricane Harvey, the costliest natural disaster in a tie to Katrina.

Nature cannot be tamed; we can only prepare for its fury if we plan ahead. We should improvise to survive despite being hit by such brutal force. Without further ado, we share some important advice that you can implement to increase your chances of survival in the wake of cataclysmic climate changes.

We suggest you print out this advice and base your hurricane alert checklist on it.

Weather Alerts

  1. Don’t rely solely on the national weather update alerts; keep your eyes open for any broadcasted storm alerts by using high-tech weather apps and websites that use big data and artificial intelligence.
  2. Understanding the difference between weather alerts is critical, i.e., advisory, watch, and warning.

Advisory: It is issued when a hazardous weather condition is occurring, impending, or probable.

Watch: It indicates that weather conditions are suitable for a severe storm to develop.

Warning: A warning means that a weather event is likely or has begun somewhere within the warning area and that people should seek shelter as soon as possible.

Stock Up on Food Supplies

  1. Stock up on foods that require the least amount of prep and don’t require refrigeration.
  2. Water, canned lentil soups, aged meat & cheese, energy bars, and twinkies are good long storage supplies.

Plan Evac-Contingencies

  1. If your home is wooden and in the predicted path of the hurricane, board up windows, move important furniture and possessions to the ground floor, and weigh down a tarp over them for protection in case the house survives.
  2. Collect valuables and documentation, then evacuate to a storm shelter with supplies if your house is a fragile build.
  3. If you live in a concrete structure, reinforce or board up windows, stockpile supplies and prepare for a power outage.
  4. Invest in a power generator and stock fuel.
  5. Ensure your phones, laptops, and power banks are fully charged with an active connection.
  6. Be ready to stay or evacuate any second after the warning sounds.

Pre-Locate Storm Shelters

  1. Never plan for a last-minute evacuation like the movies show; this is real life, and preparation is everything.
  2. Follow the weather alerts to head to the nearest shelters when the time comes.
  3. When it’s time, collect your possessions, family, pets and reach the shelter without any delay.

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