Environmental Benefits of Ponds and Lakes

Environmental Benefits of Ponds and Lakes

Ponds and lakes make for great visitor attractions and picnic spots. Moreover, these water features are great additions to any business premise or commercial property, such as hotels or farm sites.

Not only ponds and lakes provide water storage in Texas, but they also offer a host of environmental benefits as well.

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From providing beauty to the area, to acting as essential water sources for wildlife and livestock, here are some of the major environmental benefits of constructing ponds and lakes.

Water Storage

To start off, ponds act as natural reservoirs to store water. Plus, ponds can also store rainwater, and this self-sustaining cycle of hydrations can be used to keep nearby plants and vegetation alive. Moreover, if you have created a pond on a commercial site like a farm, it also provides water for livestock, which further conserves your water resources.

Promote Wildlife

Next up, ponds and lakes support local wildlife. These water features attract several species of birds, frogs and insects, and provide a breeding ground for indigenous wildlife.  The ecosystem is further sustained as algae and insects near the pond provide a food source for frogs and tadpoles. Even small scale ponds can support beautiful fish, like goldfish and Koi.

Promote Aquaculture

This follows from the previous point. Ponds can be used for both commercial and non-commercial fish rearing. Freshwater fish species found in Texas include black bass, catfish, crappie, gar and suckers etc. Creating a fish farm on a natural water resource can also be a lucrative venture as you can even raise just eggs and fingerlings for sale.

Create Awareness

Moving on, a pond or lake in the local area promotes environmental awareness among the population. This is especially true for kids who can witness how a natural ecosystem works. Nowadays when climate change is posed as a major threat to our survival, this environmental awareness is necessary so that the next generation learns to care for natural resources.

Boost Local Recreation

A pond, lake or reservoir is also a great way to promote recreation in your local area. You can set up the water source for leisure fishing. Moreover, a clean pond is also a great place to take a swim and beat the Texas heat. And depending on the size of the lake, one can even go for activities like paddle-boating and kayaking. The options are endless.

Enjoy Natural Beauty

Most importantly, a pond or lake offer aesthetic enrichment. The sight and sound of water is known to soothe your nerves and induce a calming effect, which is much needed as life becomes busier in the 21st century.

So, having a natural water source nearby will also help to promote happiness among local residents.

From a commercial point of view, businesses can also benefit from the aesthetic effects of water features. Hotels and resorts, especially, can consider installing ponds to make their location stand out among competitors.

For those who own agricultural land, a pond will not only increase the property value but will act as a water source for livestock and crops.

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