How Are Commercial Buildings Demolished?

How Are Commercial Buildings Demolished?

Demolishing a building structure to clear up the land or to rebuild is messy and dangerous. The goal of demolishing projects is to break down a standing structure so the broken parts can be scooped up and hauled away in dump trucks, leaving behind a clean site ready for reconstruction.

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A building that is structurally compromised or does not meet the existing requirements to carry out smooth commercial operations need to be torn down. There are three common ways to do this.


Demolition is done through implosion, which means planting explosives in a way that the building collapses vertically on itself from the inside.

Implosion and explosion (some cases) demolition is highly effective and efficient. You can save both time and money by bringing down your multi-story structures and buildings through calculated and controlled explosions. 

This method is used where all other approaches prove a risk to people and the ecosystem. However, demolition through this method requires trained and skilled experts, as well as legal permissions and the necessary paperwork.

The structure’s material also plays a part in determining whether implosion can be used for demolition or not. Timber or brick buildings should not be rigged with explosives.

Mechanical Demolition

Using heavy machinery to bring down a building is called mechanical demolition. It is quick, effective, and targeted. There is much less risk in it than an implosion. The most common machines used to destroy a commercial structure are wrecking balls, wire rope pulls, and hydraulic excavators.

Hand Demolition

Hand demolition is mostly uncommon for large structures because it takes too long and requires a lot of manpower. Other methods are much cheaper and efficient.

However, hand demolition is used when a part of the structure needs to be demolished instead of the whole thing. Or when the material needs to be saved for reuse or when the LAN cables and power cords need to be protected. Hand drills, hammers, wrenches (to unbolt), and other tools are used in hand demolition. However, you may have to use shear legs and cranes for this too.

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