How To Ensure Proper Drainage On Your Parking Lot

How To Ensure Proper Drainage On Your Parking Lot

Parking lot repair is not just about repainting lines and repairing cracks. There are many other factors that you need to keep an eye on to prevent excessive damage. Inefficient drainage is one such factor that can wreak havoc on your parking lot. The formation of shallow puddles that don’t drain creates moisture that makes the surface slippery. A wet parking lot can be a source of accidents, collisions, and injuries.

The presence of water also damages the surface, especially if it has cracks. Water can seep into the foundation, erode the base, and weaken your parking lot’s structural integrity. Given the significance of efficient water drainage and management, you must always ensure your drainage system functions properly. The following checklist will help you determine whether your drainage is working properly or requires maintenance.

Water Accumulation

The formation of water puddles around the ring is a worrying sign. In winter, the water puddles can freeze to cause cracks and sleeves on your surface. Ensure that all excess standing water is draining smoothly and there’s no water left behind.


Fallen debris, vegetation, and build-up of gunk and dirt adversely affect your drain’s performance. These things block the smooth flow of water and also attract insects and harmful bacteria. Make sure to call professional drain experts to clear the drainage of all unwanted elements if you want it to function smoothly.

Water Pools in the Center

Professional contractors design parking lots such that water discharges from one end to another. Additionally, they also add a deliberate high point in the center to direct water away from the parking lot to the allocated drainage channels.

If you notice the formation of water pools in the center of your parking lot, it means that the high point has begun sagging due to various reasons. The foundation’s erosion and the presence of unrepaired potholes are all factors that prevent water from running off to the sides. In this case, we recommend calling a professional contractor like D&J Site Construction LLC in McAllen, TX, to perform the necessary repair and maintenance measures for parking lot drainage.

The Guilty Drains

Your drainage system is affected by various factors, including inlet drains leading to the canals or the street. Obstructions in these drains cause blockages at your lot and the resulting drainage problems. Blockages of such an extent can also cause flooding in your parking lot, further compromising your surface’s integrity and leaving a negative impression on the clients and customers visiting you.

Don’t wait for extensive damages to occur before scheduling a proper drain inspection. Get your drain fixed in time by availing the services offered by D&J Site Construction LLC. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve got answers to all your drainage questions and ensure that your parking lot in McAllen, TX, is free of any drainage problems.

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