How to Protect your Gutters During Summer

How to Protect your Gutters During Summer

In the hot and dry months of summer, homeowners stop worrying about their gutters. After all, there’s no snow or rainfall, right?

However, summer is the perfect time to check your gutters and spot any issues.

During the winter, not only does snowfall restrict you from cleaning your gutters and drains, but professional cleaning and maintenance services also become expensive due to heavy demand.

For all these reasons, summer is the best time for your gutter checkup. Here are a few tips to help you spot problem areas while you’re at it.

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Let us now take a look at the summer gutter maintenance checklist:

1. Make em’ Visible

The first thing you need to do is to make your gutter visible for closer inspection. To do this, remove debris from the area. These include fallen leaves and sticks. Dig deep and scoop out any remnants from the last fall.

2. Check for Cracks

The next step is to identify cracks or blockages. The way to go about it is to shoot water on the roof with a hose. Then head inside and turn on each faucet to see how quickly the water drains. If there is a delay, there might be a blockage in the gutters.

3. Spot Roof Damage

While you’re up there inspecting your drainage, it is also a good idea to check your roof for loose shingles and other problem areas. Loose shingles can cause leaks, for instance, and this is one of the many ways how the condition of the roof affects your gutters. On the flip side, gutter problems also cause damage to the roof (e.g. ponding water caused by clogged drains). This shows how a gutter checkup during summer can save you costly repairs in the long run.

4. Clear the Nests

Another reason why you should check your roof and gutters during the summer is that nesting birds would have flown away by then. So remove the nests from the gutters to avoid any blockages. Also, look out for wasp nests and get them cleared by a pest control company if they are inhabited.

5. Look out for Mold

Simply removing debris is not enough. You also have to check for mold and signs of dampness. Growth of mold, algae, or moss could be indicators of a drainage problem that can escalate if not cleaned on time.

6. Keep Vegetation at Bay

Lots of vegetation during summer is also a problem area as far as your gutter health is concerned. If there is lots of vegetation near the outlets of your drainage system, it can be lodged into your drains and cause obstructions. So trim the plants and trees growing near your gutters to avoid these problems.

To sum up, while checking your gutters is not something that you always think about, over time, blockages can cause serious damage to your pipes and drainage system. And a hefty repair bill is the last thing you want on your hands.

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