Outdoor Paving Trends To Transform Your Yard In 2021

Outdoor Paving Trends To Transform Your Yard In 2021

Your yard is not just a place where you can have BBQs or play fetch with your dog. It is also has a significant impact on property value due to its direct link to curb appeal.

You should especially be concerned about how your yard looks if you are planning to sell. An ill-maintained or outdated property can chip thousands of dollars off their offer. So give your property a facelift with outdoor paving trends for 2021.

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Your home is a representation of yourself. And no one wants to appear shabby or irrelevant, so integrate some of the latest outdoor paving trends for your 2021 yard.

Wood or wood effect

Walkway stepping stones and large pavers had dominated the outdoor paving industry for the last few years, and now it is time for a change. A more rustic and natural one. Wood or a wood effect is something that will heavily influence paving material choices in the coming year.

Textured walkways

A refreshing change from most paving looks is textured walkways. It is a contemporary and aesthetically appealing concept that can modernize your backyard. However, make sure that the design you select is not tacky and doesn’t give off an over-the-top or crowded look combined with the surrounding landscape. Also, keep in mind that maintenance and cleaning of a textured walkway can be a huge pain.


Cobblestone pathways and pavement have been around for centuries. They were there at the time of kings, castles, and knights, there are common across old European towns, and they are still popular – and mind you, trendy – today.

Cobblestones will supply a classic look to your yard and allow you to take an enjoyable, refreshing, and leisurely stroll. There is something about cobblestones; they just make you want to walk more on the garden paths, breathe in the fresh air, and focus on nothing other than every step you take.

Natural stone paving

Another classic style of paving is with natural stones, and it has been around since ancient days, the proof of which is the pyramids. Although expensive, natural stone paving is also the most durable; it can literally last hundreds of years. On top of that, there is a lot of scope for aesthetic appeal as natural stones are available in a number of colors.

Multi-level walkway

Creating different levels is a trend that is slowly taking over every aspect of landscaping, not just paved surfaces. The easiest way you can make sure that you are staying chic is by getting a walkway with steps paved on your property.


Creating different patterns and designs using pavers, tiles, or paving stones of various colors, sizes, and shapes have limitless possibilities. You will have a lot of room for creative expression and mistakes.

Monochromatic gray color scheme

Gray is the new black for homes, whether in paint or paving. Gray has been the hot favorite amongst designers lately, and this trend is expected to continue well into 2021. Not to mention; how stunning it looks against a lush green landscape with a few splashes of colors here and there. Pick outdoor pavers, tiles, or stones in a monochromatic gray theme to give your yard a contemporary, warm, and stylish look.

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