Preparing your Site For Excavation – 5 Steps To Follow

Preparing your Site For Excavation – 5 Steps To Follow

If you wish to develop a piece of land, the first thing you need to do is prepare it for excavation. Although this may sound like a simple thing to do, in reality, it is a multifaceted process which requires a meticulous approach to each detail.

Site preparation is a process that is better left to the professionals. This is why you can count on D&J Site Construction LLC in McAllen to prepare your land for all sorts of construction projects. 

Incorrect site preparation can make excavation complicated. The site may have uneven terrain, and project progress is often slowed down by underlying utilities that need removal, not to forget the presence of buried hazards such as old tree roots or animal burrows. To avoid all these hindrances, we at D&J Site Construction LLC follow a well-planned routine which involves the following five steps when preparing a site for excavation:

1. Conducting a Survey

Our team’s site preparation process begins with a surveyor to ensure that it is within the set legal boundaries and parameters. The surveyor will place markers around the site to define the boundary so that the other developers know the parameters.

2. Clearing Obstructions from the Site

Site preparation companies use various tools to remove obstructions such as shrubs, trees, or rocks from the site. This task may also involve removing fences or gates to access site areas that need work. Utility detection equipment is used to identify any underground utilities, such as water, sewer, gas, or electric lines, that might require removal before excavation.

3. Checking Soil Composition

Site preparation companies use probes for this task which they insert into the ground to detect the depth and consistency of soil layers beneath it. This information helps them decide whether there are hazards such as animal burrows, large tree roots, or other buried items before proceeding with site preparation activities. This measure also helps in testing how the soil absorbs water.

4. Excavating and Grading as Needed

Site preparation companies perform site grading to remove soil or rock from a site. This also involves checking the groundwater condition of the excavation site. Getting a good idea of the conditions will help you build a solid foundation for the structure constructed on the site.

5. Site Plan Design

Lastly, the site preparation team designs a site plan to specify site layout and other site features. A site plan incorporates all necessary information regarding a site; this includes the site’s location, the locations of roads for construction, and the drainage and septic facilities. The planning phase is essential because a well-thought-out and researched plan is easier to execute for the development team.

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