Shocking Facts About Concrete Guttering

Shocking Facts About Concrete Guttering

Gone are the days when PVC guttering was in fashion. Consistent clogging and limited durability in PVC guttering led the property managers in Rio Grande Valley, TX, back to the traditional concrete guttering option.

Reason? The concrete guttering solution prevents water stagnation and ensures a smooth and effortless flow of water. However, like other options, concrete guttering needs close attention and frequent maintenance too.

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The sturdy and durable design of concrete gutters makes them a priority for domestic properties. They also offer various other benefits that you must know. Here is a compilation of some exciting concrete guttering facts that you will be amazed to learn.

A Tried and Tested Solution

Concrete guttering solutions are tried and tested in catching and carrying off rainwater. They were hugely popular in the 60s and 70s. They carry rainwater from the house into the downspouts without human intervention unless the gutter needs cleaning or repair.

Needs Regular Maintenance

Concrete gutters require routine maintenance. Ignoring maintenance requirements of the concrete gutter can result in huge problems. For instance, frozen water in the gutter can result in leakage, which ends up damaging the property. On the other hand, rubble, debris, and dirt can obstruct the water flow, hampering the gutter’s efficiency.

Therefore, it would help if you are cautious when cleaning the gutters. Many individuals hurt themselves by falling off the ladder when cleaning/repairing the gutter due to slippery surfaces or excessive dirt.

A Pathway for Insects

Standing water in the gutter damages your walls and becomes a breeding ground for pests and insects. That’s why experts advise keeping the concrete gutter clean at all times to prevent any insects from building dirt mounds or mud nests.  

Requires Immediate Repair If Damaged

Another shocking truth of concrete gutters is that they require immediate attention if damaged or broken. Ignoring the repair needs of the concrete gutter damages the property and incurs costly repairs and maintenance.

Don’t forget, a leak or a broken outlet can be repaired by using quick-fix techniques. However, a suitable and long-lasting solution is still required to prevent the walls from further deterioration.

Offers Flexibility

There is no rule of thumb in concrete gutter installation. If you think your existing gutter is just not spacious enough, you can always enhance its capacity by including additional downspouts.

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