The Process Of Demolishing A Residential Property

The Process Of Demolishing A Residential Property

Although house demolition is a relatively straightforward process, it can be a little intimidating for first-timers. Your quest for finding the perfect land for your future dream home may quite possibly entail demolishing an existing infrastructure to begin the construction.

Demolition is all about tidying up infrastructure and giving a clean slate for new construction. Professional contractors know all the details and intricacies associated with the demolition process. Availing their services helps you focus on other important property development matters.

The cost to demolish a house varies depending upon the size of the property and other factors. D&J Site Construction LLC in McAllen, TX, is an expert house demolition company. We can provide you cost-effective services for demolition and site preparation for new construction.

We’ve outlined five easy steps in the property demolition process. Knowing these steps will help you relax when house demolition is in progress, and it will give you a sense of confidence that you have everything under control.


Home inspection and getting the necessary council permits are the initial steps towards demolishing a house. When you are demolishing a house on a property you just purchased, you need to pursue a detailed property inspection to get an accurate quotation. 

Existing Services

An extensive inspection is required for properties where you have not lived before. The inspection involves looking at all external connections and communicating the demolition requirements to all of the external stakeholders. Contact the gas service provider at least six weeks before commencing the demolition. Similarly, you need to establish contact with water, NBN, and electricity services and tell them to disconnect. Remember to degas all air conditioning units and disconnect power. Your contractor can help with these tasks.

Begin the Process

Now that you are done preparing the property for demolition, it is time to begin demolishing. Since many hazardous materials are found in the foundational layer, it is recommended to use manual labor initially. You can also salvage reusable materials that can come in handy during the construction of your property.


You can begin manual demolition once the site is clear of all hazardous materials. This is the most efficient and cost-effective process for house demolition. In mechanical demolition, the house is removed with the help of excavators and other machinery. The process usually results in debris, which must be transported to an organized waste management agency.

Rubbish Removal and Certificate

After completing the demolition process, you need to clear the area of all accumulated debris. This is easier said than done, especially because of the specific disposal requirements for individual materials. The demolition companies are skilled at managing the debris, and you need to trust them with it. You will need to get a clearance certificate from the local authorities after completing the demolition process. This certificate proves that the block of land is clear and safe, and free of any harmful material.

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