The Top 3 Features Of A Great Parking Lot

The Top 3 Features Of A Great Parking Lot

So, you have a very comprehensive construction project proposal, but does it include a designated space for parking? Most of your customers don’t have the patience to stand in a queue, waiting for their turn to come enter your property. Also, they have better things to do than to sit in their vehicles due to lack of parking spaces. 

That’s why the parking lot plays a crucial role in the design of any commercial property.  A well-designed parking lot will improve your company’s aesthetic appearance, make your property accessible, and better ensure vehicles’ safety and security from accidents, robberies, and other dangers.

If you’re planning to construct a new parking lot, or refurbish an existing one, there are certain features you cannot overlook! Let’s take a look at the top three features of a well-designed parking lot.

1. Safety Precautions

It’s essential ensure property safety measures are in place with your parking lot design. Placing speed breakers at strategic points will help prevent accidents by forcing drivers to slow down. The installation and maintenance of signs, painted bollards, traffic sensors, walkways, and adequate lighting are other important features which help prevent accidents.

Installing surveillance equipment and emergency calling centers around the building and ensuring the car park is well lit are great ways to eliminate/reduce crime and allow you to take immediate action in case of any inconvenience caused to the visitors. 

2. A Layout That Works

A quick, convenient layout is yet another critical feature of an efficient parking lot. At peak hours, when traffic is high, an improperly designed parking lot can come to a standstill and cause severe inconvenience to visitors and may also encourage reckless driving.

Installing directional arrows, performing line striping, and providing walkways to keep passersby away from the traffic can result in more efficient traffic flow. Besides this, customers will find it convenient to enter, park and exit the lot.

3. Attractiveness

The parking lot is an integral part of the attraction of your business. A well-designed and installed parking lot will improve your facility’s appeal, making it easier to attract new customers. You should also consider removing any dangerous obstacles, repainting striping lines, and planting trees and flowers around the circumference to further improve the attractiveness of your parking lot.

All of the above factors are important for a successful parking lot. Please also ensure you’re using genuine quality materials and take into account the available space, illumination, ventilation, and safety features. The type of flooring you use in your parking lot is another extremely significant factor!

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