Types Of Concrete Curbs & Which One’s Best For You

Types Of Concrete Curbs & Which One’s Best For You

Curbs are a very under-appreciated feature, despite the functionality and aesthetic appeal they offer. A curb play’s two significant roles – it protects your property from water, so it flows into the storm drains and prevents pedestrians from getting injured due to reckless drivers. Yet, curbs are still given no attention.

The only time residential or commercial property owners think about their curbs is when it is time for a repair or replacement.

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On the road to curb paving or repaving, the most glaring question every property owner or property manager comes across is ‘What type of concrete curb should you get constructed?’

There are many different types of curbs available in the market, each with their own aesthetic and purpose. Let’s have a look at a few concrete curb options that are available.

Barrier/Straight Curbs

As suggested by the name, the purpose of barrier curbs is to create a barricade between two spaces, mostly to prevent vehicles. Barrier curbs or straight curbs are the most common type used and are typically made of cement concrete or asphalt aggregate.

Decorative/Mower Curbs

Mower curbs or decorative curbs create a sturdy decorative element installed between lawnmowers and flowerbeds. Their shape makes it possible for lawnmowers to come close enough to trim every blade of grass near the edge without resulting in any damage done to the mower or topsoil.

Mower curbs are available in various colors and sizes to suit both the property owners’ creative preferences and the property’s needs.

Mountable/Rolling Curbs

Mountable curbs or rolling curbs are a continuation of barrier curbs. They create a slight dip in the curb so vehicles can easily drive over them. They also offer roller skaters, bicyclists, and pedestrians with strollers or shopping carts the convenience to safely climb on/off the sidewalk.

Monolithic/Integral Curbs

Monolithic curbs or Integral curbs create more traction with the road, so larger vehicles can pass without damaging the concrete or asphalt pavement’s foundation or internal structure. Integral curbs make a much smoother transition from the sidewalk/property to the road as there aren’t any jutting edges.

Slanted/Sloped Curbs

Slanted curbs or sloped curbs are used purely for decorative reasons like mower curbs. Slanted curbs don’t have a practical purpose. There are just there to adorn the exterior of a commercial or residential property. While this might not sound like an important addition, it adds to the property’s curb appeal.

There are numerous variations available in sizes, patterns, and colors for each of these curb types. So out of the multitude of options available in the market, choose a curb that protects and complements your property to boost its curb appeal.

D&J Site Construction offers expert paving and construction services to residential and commercial clients in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Click here to get your estimate today.