Types & Uses Of Common Earthwork Equipment

Types & Uses Of Common Earthwork Equipment

For any construction operation involving earthwork, heavy machinery and equipment are essential to get the job done hassle-free and on time. You can be building a single house, constructing a whole society, or working on a large commercial project; you’d require earthwork equipment to excavate soil and rock and lay the project’s structural foundation.

Besides, these equipment are also used to dig, transport, carry, demolish, and do much more during the construction process. All these equipment can range from excavators to graders, dump trucks, bulldozers, and loaders, to name a few. 

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While several types of earthwork equipment are used in construction today, the following are the top five standard equipment to consider for your next project.

1. Excavator

Excavators are one of the essential heavy construction equipment. It contains a house, boom, stick, undercarriage, and a digging bucket that is used for excavation, demolition, rough grading, mining, river dredging, heavy lifting, tree cutting, and more.

Not to forget, excavators are highly versatile and have a cabin that can be rotated a full 360 degrees. The operator gets good visibility of the entire site and can carry out the given tasks without a hitch.

2. Motor Grader

A motor grader is the best grading machine, having a long horizontal blade between the rear and front axles to create a flat surface. Generally, it is used to level the ground or prepare the base course for a strong foundation.

However, that’s not the only purpose of motor graders. They are also earth-moving equipment that can efficiently carry small amounts of soil from one location to another, remove dirt or snow from the surface, and eliminate unnecessary soil layers. 

3. Dump Truck

Construction projects require moving and dumping of various heavy material into or out of the site. Here, dump trucks play a vital role in the transportation process. They come in multiple sizes depending on the project’s capacity and load needs.

Dump trucks have an open-box bed hinged at the rear and hydraulic rams to lift the front. These rams allow the material in the bed to be dumped behind the truck anywhere at the site.

4. Loader

Loaders are equipped with a short moving arm and a large-sized bucket at the front. With this arm’s help, materials are loaded in the dump truck or dump boxes on the construction site.

Not only this, but loaders can also be used for demolition of waste or raw material, soil excavation, and much more. They come in many types, including front-end loader, bucket loader, payloader, skip loader, wheel loader, skid-steer, and front loader. 

5. Bulldozer

After an excavator, bulldozers are the most common earthwork equipment. Despite it being heavy equipment, bulldozers can easily maneuver through rugged construction terrain even if it is muddy or sandy.

This powerful and heavy machine consists of a wide, flat blade at the front that can push piles of sand, rock, soil, rubble, or other construction material off the surface. The dozer can also be used for ripping, cut and fill, towing, excavation, land clearing, benching, and much more.  

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