What Projects Fall Under The Category Of Earth Work

What Projects Fall Under The Category Of Earth Work

Earthwork falls under the category of site preparation as the soil and rock formations in a particular area of land are rarely ideal for whatever purpose you might want.

Thus, during the planning stage of a large construction or paving project, the first thing to do is a site evaluation and soil testing so engineers can better understand what they are dealing with. Different projects require different soil and mineral combinations and site properties so your structure can have a long service life.

After the planning stage is over and before the actual work can begin, earthwork needs to be done to ensure that the site is in perfect condition to support the structure. This involves processing large quantities of soil through land excavation, embankment, creating holes, leveling, grading, and more.

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Earthwork is required for various kinds of projects belonging to different industries. Below are a few examples.

  • Paving – Excavation is done to prepare a site for railways, roadways, tunnels, and bridges construction, so the foundation does not go above the ground. That way, the structure will be perfectly aligned with the environment.
  • Construction – Excavation is done to prepare the land for the construction of drainage and sewage systems and lay down the pipes to stay underground. This way, they won’t cause damage to vehicles or result in trip and fall accidents, etc.

Grading is done to change the configuration of a plot or to stabilize the sloping of the land. It can also be used in engineering, earthworks landscaping, paving, and other kinds of projects.

  • Damming – The construction of dams and reservoirs requires extensive earthwork as trapping the water of a river or creek is not easy. It requires both excavation and embankment.
  • Military – Earthworks have military applications as they can be engineered to create fortifications out of the soil.
  • Landscaping – Earthwork is required to create a garden or a park surrounding a property to match the property owner’s exact specifications. It could include excavation, whether deep or only of the top layer, moving earth from a particular area to a different spot on the property. An example is removing soil from the site reserved for a pond to another place where a hill needs to be made.
  • Art – Land art is created by shaping and modifying a portion of the land itself and creating forms using natural materials to showcase the artist’s creative vision. Earthworks in the art can range from subtle and temporary changes in the landscape to large-scale, lasting, and sculptural alterations through soil excavation, embankment, and more, through the use of heavy earth-moving machinery.

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