What To Consider Before Kicking Off A Demolition Project

What To Consider Before Kicking Off A Demolition Project

Demolition is probably one of the most exciting aspects of a building because floors, walls, and ceilings can disappear in a matter of moments. While demolitions are often swift, exhilarating, and messy, that doesn’t mean they can be completed without proper planning and strategy.

Site demolition is a very complex process, and a clear strategy and great caution should be applied in any demolition project. Moreover, you need to know about all the basics of destruction and the right approach to ensure the process is quicker, more comfortable, and less expensive.

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However, you may have multiple reasons to demolish your property, so ensure keeping these five essentials in mind to efficiently carry out the demolition work.

What to Consider?

1. Determining the Demolition Method

Following are the different types of demolition methods that you can consider to make your destruction process more manageable and less time-consuming. Just ensure choosing the one that fits your needs and fulfill your demolition project’s requirements.

  • Mechanical Demolition

In this method, massive machinery such as hydraulic excavators, trailers, and dumpsters are used to carry out the demolition process. You can complete the whole site’s demolition in one day, but the total cost to demolish a house is relatively expensive.

  • Manual Demolition

Since the destruction is done using handheld tools, you can reuse almost half of the materials in rebuilding or reconstruction, such as doors, sinks, tubs, light fixtures, and many more. However, this method takes a longer time to complete and may cost more than the mechanical demolition method. 

  • Combination of Mechanical and Manual Demolition Method

Most property owners go for the third and last demolition method as it allows you only to demolish the part that you don’t need anymore. This means you can pick your reusable materials and let the rest of the site destructed using mechanical demolition tools and machinery.

2. Understanding The Demolition Law

Know that each country and its state have its laws for building demolition projects. You cannot just start demolishing your site without any permit. First, you need to get the “building permit” and then determine the debris removal and other necessary demolition stages.

Here, an expert demolition contractor will be useful to guide you in every step to ensure efficient demolition of your property.

3. Hiring A demolition Contractor

To understand the entire demolition project’s nitty-gritty, you must retain the services of a licensed and experienced demolition contractor such as XYZ. We can provide you with possible demolition solutions and ensure a budget that is not too heavy on your pockets.

4. Clearing of the Area

The site that you want to demolish may have trees nearby. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remove all such hurdles before starting the demolition process. In case you don’t want to cut the trees from the roots, you can cut a few branches to keep the projected area clear.

Besides this, if there are any living things such as animals on your property, make sure to remove them to avoid getting them hurt as the destruction begins.

5. Disconnecting All Services

You don’t want to cause a fire or a water flood on your property by keeping the electrical, water, and gas services connected. Therefore, always remember to disconnect with the existing services to prevent any massacre that might affect your demolition work and your neighbors, and the whole surrounding.

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