Why A Maintenance Plan Is Necessary For A Great-Looking Asphalt Surface

Why A Maintenance Plan Is Necessary For A Great-Looking Asphalt Surface

This is not a sales pitch. 

At D&J Construction LLC, we always talk about the importance of Pavement Maintenance Plans (PMPs) to keep your asphalt paving in good shape for years to come. For businesses in Elsa, Texas, asphalt parking lots are a significant investment. And you need to have a plan in place to derive the highest value from your investment.

Commercial property owners often dismiss the idea of a maintenance plan, thinking it’s an additional expense being pushed by their contractor or property management company. Others don’t find the value in it, thinking why can’t we just perform repairs as issues arise? 

In today’s blog, we talk about the importance of a maintenance plan for asphalt paving, especially for commercial properties. You may also click here to consult our experts for help with your maintenance plan.

Nip It In The Bud

One of the best reasons to have a documented maintenance plan is to stay ahead of repair issues. Regular maintenance helps uncover minor defects that can be fixed easily (and cheaply) before they become costlier and more difficult to repair. 

Minor cracks left untreated can cause significant damage, not just to the surface, but also to the pavement’s underlying structure. This is because cracks allow water and other liquids to flow into the base, and the freeze-thaw cycle causes the cracks to expand and contract, leading to structural issues.

You must have a maintenance plan that includes your contractor inspecting your site at a set schedule to detect and fix issues before leading to structural damage. This also helps to extend the lifespan of your paving. Remember that regular crack sealing is way cheaper than replacing the asphalt structure entirely.

Maintain the Appearance of Your Pavement

The shiny, black appearance of your pavement adds aesthetic appeal to your property. And regular maintenance services like sealcoating keep your asphalt surface looking new. For instance, sealcoating provides a protective layer against sharp UV rays that cause fading and discoloration. 

Maintaining the shiny appearance of your paving is especially essential to make a great impression on your customers. That’s why a pavement maintenance plan benefits your business in more ways than one.

Increase Safety

Finally, a maintenance plan also helps make your pavement safer by keeping the parking lot, sidewalks, and connected structures in good condition. Potholes and other damage are hazards for both pedestrians and vehicle traffic on your property.

Along with maintenance, you need to have clearly defined lines painted on your parking lot. These safety considerations will save you the cost and headaches of litigation. 

For all these reasons, it is necessary to have a maintenance plan as soon as you have a new parking lot. Don’t wait for signs of damage to become evident, or for your contractor’s warranty to expire. 

If you need help creating a comprehensive maintenance plan for your asphalt pavement in ElsaTexas, our experts at D&J Construction LLC are here to help. Click here to reach out, and our team will be there to inspect your property and help you draft a long-term maintenance plan for your business.