Why And How To Clean And Maintain A Gutter

Why And How To Clean And Maintain A Gutter

Any construction project is considered unfinished without a water drainage system. Therefore, a gutter is a standard utility visible on all buildings, both old and modern.

Concrete gutters are robust structures made up of gutters and channels that direct water flows into a sewer or sump. When properly installed, the gutter thus prevents cracks in the concrete and increases the surfaces’ operational life.

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However, even if you have installed high-quality gutters, you need to properly clean and maintain them to benefit from their functionality fully.

This blog uncovers all the secrets of the whys and hows of gutter maintenance for your ease.

Good Reasons To Maintain Your Gutters

The maintenance of a gutter is as essential as its usefulness for your property. While the system allows for easy and efficient rainwater drainage, external elements can prevent its proper functioning by clogging the gutter inlets.

The water flow could then be diverted from its original path and directly onto the floor or wall, depending on the gutter’s placement. This could cause water infiltration, the presence of unpleasant stains on the facade plaster, or even damage to the foundations of the home. Also, low maintenance of your gutter can cause leaks or even breakage of the system.

That’s why the life of a gutter depends on the quality of maintenance of the system. The better you maintain it, the longer it lasts!

Steps To Follow In Gutter Cleaning

It is not the most complex task, but some precautions should be taken while gutter cleaning, primarily because of the system’s elevated position, which can present a potential danger during the operation.

Ensure delicately cleaning the gutters to avoid damaging the existing structure, at the risk of changing its system.

Follow these steps for cleaning your gutter successfully.

  • Open the drain holes, then unblock the walls with a jet of water, if necessary. Also, insist on the elbows. Plugs often form there.
  • Clear the rising part of the gutter using a plastic shovel, shovel, gutter scraper, or cylinder brush.
  • Inspect the gutters after cleaning to verify their condition.

Note: If you have also decided to clean the roof, it is best to start cleaning there before tackling the gutters.

Contact A Professional To Install, Change And Repair Your Gutter

For the installation of your gutter, or if for any reason you need to repair or change it, always seek professional help. Not to forget, it is an essential utility of the house whose installation obeys several rules to be effective.

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