Why Does My Parking Lot Have So Many Puddles?

Why Does My Parking Lot Have So Many Puddles?

Every time it rains, or you get your parking lot washed, what do you see? Does your asphalt surface look brand new? Or do you see a lot of puddles?

Puddles are never a good sign. They are like a symptom that alerts you about the distress your parking lot is in. It could be caused by an issue that can be contained through repair, or by a much larger problem that requires nothing less than repaving.

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There can be several reasons why your asphalt surface might be prone to puddles. Below are a few examples.


Heavy-duty vehicles or equipment that might be parking in your lot for an extended period can cause indentions or ruts to appear on the surface. This might turn into puddles after rainfall.


Oil or liquids that seep into the asphalt surface are unseemly. A simple power wash can’t remove oil stains. It requires a different process, depending on if it is just on the surface level or has leaked below it.

It can also corrode the surface from the inside and damage it, causing depressions that lead to the emergence of puddles after snowfall or rainfall.

Poor drainage

Clogged storm drains and gutters, and an uneven surface can cause water buildup in your parking lot, slowly eroding the surface. The longer the problem persists, the greater the damage. Water that seeps inside the surface can disrupt the asphalt’s binding from the inside and damage the foundation layer.

Improper compaction

Hot mix asphalt is the most commonly used material for paving around the world. However, if the asphalt isn’t adequately compacted at the time of paving, the surface won’t retain its shape in the long run. It can settle in and cause depressions from wherever the material gives way after being in use for a while. This will cause indentions and puddles to appear.


Lack of proper maintenance can cause the asphalt surface to fall into disrepair. Damage caused by weather elements, wear, and use can cause stress signs and cracks to appear on the surface, which will turn into potholes, alligator cracking, and puddles if ignored.

Keep a close eye on the surface, repair, and seal coat to safeguard your asphalt.

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