Why is Soil Stabilization Necessary?

Why is Soil Stabilization Necessary?

Soil stabilization is the alteration of soil in order to enhance its qualities. Stabilizing soil can increase and improve its strength and also remove harmful or useless properties.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the major benefits of soil stabilization.

Strengthen soil

The foremost benefit of soil stabilization is that the soil becomes stronger. Even in a low-cost road with stabilized soil, the strength of the sub-base, base and the surface itself will last longer rather than a destabilized soil. This will also make the road safer as well.

Improve Road Economy

Soils are used in many places, especially in the developments of roads. Better and more stabilized soils mean the life of your road is prolonged and the costs are reduced. How so? Well, for starters, you wouldn’t have to remake or fix those roads again with the same amount of time, labor and money if you use a stabilized soil in the first place.

For business owners, this means a little investment in the stabilization process can reap long-term benefits.

Reduce Waste

This is yet another benefit of soil stabilization, especially if you put a premium on eco-friendliness.

With soil stabilization, there is no need to import new material as the soil on-site can be used after a simple treatment process. Even Type 1 sub-base is not required as the same strength and properties can be achieved using the soils on site. Costly and time-consuming imports of new material and generation of large quantities of waste are therefore eliminated, which not only reduces wastage during the construction process but also saves you money.

Save Money

Moving on, soil stabilization uses the soils available on your site. These are improved to give the properties required for construction. This can vary from a simple process to prepare the soil for landscaping or to create sub-base for roads and pavement. So there’s no need for any more tipping charges.

You can also save a lot of money by stabilizing the soil instead of using the traditional “dig and dump” method. Dig and dump includes the cost of vehicle movement, landfill tax and other hidden costs, but soil stabilization needs none of that.

Maintenance costs are reduced

This follows from the previous point. Maintaining a road made with stabilized soil is going to cost you less than a road made with regular soils. Stabilized soil will help the road withstand the wear and tear of weather changes or and heavy traffic, reducing repair and maintenance expenses in the long-run.

So these are some of the major benefits of stabilizing your soil before any construction work. For all these reasons, property owners and managers in Elsa, Texas can reach out to D&J Site Construction LLC to handle all their soil stabilization processes. Click here to get an estimate.