Why Spring Is the Best Time To Sealcoat A Commercial Parking Lot

Why Spring Is the Best Time To Sealcoat A Commercial Parking Lot

There is no better time to sealcoat your asphalt parking lot than the spring season. With all the snow gone and the weather clearing up, the leftover debris is there in plain sight for you to remove. You can also assess the damage unleashed by the harsh weather conditions and prepare your parking lot for the challenges that lie ahead in the summer season.

Sealcoating your parking lot is the best way to eliminate the existing problems and restore its original look. A professional company like D&J Site Construction LLC in Brownsville can rejuvenate your parking lot with their expert sealcoating services. Many reasons make spring the ideal time to sealcoat your parking lot; here’s a compilation of four main reasons that you must consider.

Curb Appeal

Your commercial establishment’s exterior speaks volumes about the quality of service you offer. A well-maintained, hazard-free parking lot is bound to attract more visitors than one riddled with potholes and unsightly cracks. A parking lot filled with cracks and gaps can be highly unsettling for first-time visitors who don’t know much about your business or the services you’re offering. Cracks and potholes can also be a reason for accidents on your parking lot, resulting in unwanted lawsuits and heavy fines.

Winter Damage

The harsh weather conditions during the winter season can cause moderate to severe damage to your parking lot. The damages can escalate over time to develop into serious problems that have hefty repair costs. You can stay on top of these damages by taking immediate action in spring and sealcoating your parking lot once every two years.

As the owner of a commercial parking lot, it is your responsibility to maintain the property’s aesthetic appeal and ensure the safety of the visitors. Timely sealcoating helps you avoid major issues and get your property in shape.

Conditions in Spring

With the moderate temperature and weather, spring presents the ideal time for sealcoating your parking lot. The cold temperatures during the winter season and the vast amounts of rainfall can undo all the work you do.
The summer season is sweltering, and the UV and sunlight penetrating the surface will prolong the setting process, which can be bad for business. The autumn season is not favorable either, as the falling leaves can clog your drains or stick to the freshly installed sealcoat.

Damages in Summertime

Sealcoating asphalt during the spring season revitalizes your parking lot, preparing it for the heat and humidity of the summers. An unprotected parking lot is vulnerable to sunlight and UV rays that can penetrate and erode the foundation’s base. The heat and humidity can also expand existing cracks leading to further problems. Timely sealcoating during the spring season helps you avoid the hefty repair costs that come with extensive summer damage.

D&J Site Construction LLC is the premier parking lot sealcoating company in Brownsville, TX. We use our superior sealcoating services to give your parking lot a refreshing look this spring.

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