Winter May Be The Best Time For Construction

Winter May Be The Best Time For Construction

Is construction even possible in winter? And if it is, are there any benefits for planning construction and paving projects at this time of the year?

We’re often asked these questions. Our teams at D&J Site Construction LLC are busy on the field throughout the year in Rio Grande Valley, TexasClick here to get a free estimate for our contractor services

And while weather conditions greatly impact construction and paving projects, winter work brings some unique benefits. In today’s blog, we discuss winter construction benefits for property managers and construction companies in Texas

Pleasant Weather

Winters are pleasant in Texas as compared to the northern states. But even if the temperature is freezing, workers can grab additional jackets, hats, and warm beverages and get on with their work. Compare this with summers, where they have to work under the scorching sun. They can only remove so many layers of clothing without compromising their safety!

The difference in weather is significant when working indoors, especially in places with poor ventilation (basements, attics, etc.) These places can be extremely hot during the summers but more pleasant at this time of the year. 

Less Interference

Both commercial and residential construction companies find it easier to work during winters because there is less interference. Think about swimming pools, hotels, and summer resorts that go empty during this season. And most commercial properties are virtually vacant this year because of COVID-19, an opportunity for asset managers to complete pending construction and renovation tasks. 

Contractor Availability 

Moving on, construction companies in Texashave more availability during the winter season. This means you can secure their services within the timeframe and at the best possible prices. Most businesses slow down as the weather becomes cooler, and this, in turn, reduces prices. 

Save Time

Another benefit of construction work in winter is that you can save time. We’ve already talked about how there is lower foot traffic on most properties during the winters. Moreover, permits are generally easier and faster to acquire, which also speeds up the process. 

So far, we have outlined four benefits of winter construction. It is also a good time to plan interior remodels as well as exterior work like asphalt patching. That said, every season brings its own challenges.

Potential Pitfalls

There are three possible drawbacks of working on your property during the winter:

1. Fewer daylight hours (you will need extra lighting at night)

2. Increased heating costs

3. Construction delays due to ground freezing

The best way to make the most of your winter construction projects is to create a maintenance plan for every season.

Dos & Don’ts Of Winter Construction

Finally, property managers should keep some essentials in mind for safe and effective winter construction.


  • Mark power lines
  • Sign off tripping hazards
  • Wear insulated gear
  • Take breaks


  • Push yourself needlessly
  • Let ice pile up.
  • Walk around in regular shoes.

That’s about it! You can reach out to D&J Site Construction LLC for a complete range of construction services such as asphalt paving, sealcoating, custom parking lot installation, site preparation, demolition, brush clearing, and more throughout the year in Rio Grande Valley, TexasClick here to get a free estimate.